Vera Jimenez

Vera Jimenez


She studied journalism at Universidad Católica del Peru, where she was interested in editorial design from the beginning. She is the creator of a workshop independent publishing project, called La Cuche. Her works have been published in various international media, including magazine illustration The Neif (Mexico), the website Graffica (Spain) and the design blog

Dynamic and dedicated, if Vera is not in the middle of a critical and analytical conversation (refuting with her opinions), you will find her working on a personal project during her free time.

Always with a book in her backpack, big glasses, and casual clothes, Vera loves to return to styles of the past, which she qualifies as “feeling”. And that’s why doesn’t have a smartphone, and although we have often wanted to make a “chanchita” (to raise money) to buy her one, she still believes in the value of personal relationships instead of digital relationships.

With a peculiar sense of humor, and occurrences as few, Vera style involves a great taste for the alternative, as independent film and indie music, and whenever you want a recommendation about a writer, she would get excited as anyone …and yet she refuses to admit she is a hipster.