Pau Casals

Pau Casals

Creative Director

Pau is our Design Director, responsible for finding the best and most creative solutions for all our customers, always based in a powerful strategic support. Passionate and expert in the world of typography and photography, he always insists on the need of a powerful and previous research to identify the best resources that build brands with a distinct personality and a unique & special character.

After finishing his studies in Graphic Design at Eina, School of Art and Design in Barcelona, Pau began his career in SAS (Studio Astrid Stavro), working on branding projects and traveling as a photographer around Spain, England and Portugal. A year later, he became a resident artist at Fabrica, the communication research center of Benetton Group in Italy, where he worked as the Art Director of the magazine “Colors”.

He’s also worked for many design studios in Barcelona, London, Luxembourg and Madrid, where he gained extensive experience in the design, creation and management of international brands of diverse fields such as airlines, luxury, FMCG, publishing, finance and fashion, among others.

Quiet, responsible and “zen” (except when he fights with the customer service of a known telecommunications company), we don’t know where he gets the time, but he is always aware of the latest inspirations and graphic trends worldwide . Some call him “jefesitoā€¯, other “voice-off” of the office, but what is clear is that his direct and scathing comments have sparked more than a laugh (and tears) among us.

A tireless worker, Pau spends so much time in the office that, in fact, he has set up his own storehouse where he keeps million of flavourless crackers that he always offers, but nobody want to eat; as we prefer the grilled chicken nuggets he prepares occasionally. That’s the only way he can meet his strict diet of five meals a day.

He loves travelling, extreme sports and jogging along the boardwalk to unwind while listening to depressive hipster music. Although he’s got an excellent sense of humor, he can’t stand bad PowerPoint templates, “typos”… and peppers, which make his face red from pain.