Lilian Montes

Lilian Montes

Financial Director

From Arequipa, Lilian has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, from Universidad Católica Santa María. She is responsible for all the numbers & financial work, and she’s always reminding us about the importance of budgets, and trying to convince us about the countless benefits of Microsoft Excel (although she never gets it).

Competitive by nature, Lilian loves perfection and having everything under control, so she never misses the smallest detail. She is always “rule in hand”, as a school principal.

She loves her family and especially her husband Raul (haven’t you heard about him? That’s weird! …) She loves getting the whole family together at Christmas,  going out to buy gifts, and feeding them as if World War III were about to start.

Oh!, by the way, <<sh3 lov$3s n4umb3rs and m4th5>>