Francesc Moretó

Francesc Moretó

Design Director

Francesc has a superior degree in Design from ELISAVA – School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona, and he graduated from the University of Southampton. He also studied Design at the University of Helsinki Aalto – School of Art and Design.

Currently he combines his professional responsibilities with his work as a Branding teacher, at the Career of Professional Graphic Design, at the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC)

Since moving to Lima in 2014, Francesc was captivated by the Latin spirit, especially with Peruvian cuisine, where Ceviche is one of his biggest preferences. Although respect to bread, you can not argue with him, because the flour runs through his veins and he has developed a very exquisite palate after coming from a family of flour; therefore he is still looking for a bread that really delights him in the city.

Loquacious, adventurer and sea lover, you can always count on Francesc when you want to go to eat or drink something, and even better if it’s with Salsa music playing in the background … He adores Salsa music, and we are all witnesses of his great attempts (failed) singing music of Frankie Ruiz or Eddie Santiago.

Like many, he hates the traffic of Lima, and complains every time he has to cross the city to teach. He also fears the “killer combis” (public buses), so he prefers not taking them. And he says that when his is in the mood to take one, every bus ignores him (yeah, right).