Eduardo Íñiguez

Eduardo Íñiguez

Associate Director Client Services Iberia & LatAm

As Manager of Interbrand Peru & Andean Region, Eduardo is responsible for the leadership, organization and management of long-term projects in which a global brand management is required in the Peruvian market and other countries as Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia or Venezuela.

Since joining Interbrand in September 2006, Eduardo has led various projects (strategy, naming, evaluation and design of global brands) for international clients such as Telefónica / Movistar, Bankia, Iberia, AJE Group, ICEX, or Coca-Cola. Previously, Eduardo was part of the legal department of BBVA, as well as various law firms and consumer research companies. During this period, he gained experience in a variety of areas such as telecommunications, banking, energy, fashion, tourism and cultural brands, or consumer products.

He currently combines his professional responsibilities with his work as a Brand Strategy teacher in UCAL-Toulouse Lautrec, besides being a visiting professor at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas (ICAI-ICADE).

Restless, dynamic and passionate about his job, Eduardo can’t stand still for a second; he’s always here and there. In fact, every day we pray that he won´t fall into the pool when he goes around while talking on the phone. Furthermore, he loves traveling, visiting new places and bringing sweets in his return to the office, so that’s why we’re all a little chubby.

A technology fan (especially of Apple and Google), he is always aware of the latest gadgets that have been released and of all those useless apps & games, which he always swears to never download again, but never keeping his word.

Eduardo is always cheerful and has infinite patience, often becoming our staff psychologist when we tell him our doubts or problems.

Ironic but easy-going, he equally enjoys watching a boring Iranian film subtitled in Japanese, as well as the latest reality show in the USA. Of course, always with a cigarette in hand.