Claudia Hidalgo

Claudia Hidalgo

Client Services Director

Claudia Hidalgo is the Client Services Director, handling the direction and management of our projects. Conscious of the importance of strategy in the process of branding, she helps our team in the creation, development and implementation of all projects, ensuring the best quality and client satisfaction.

Claudia has a degree in Advertising Science, with an specialization in marketing from IPP and a Master in Marketing & Sales Management from ESIC, with over 15 years experience in integrated management processes and branding, advertising and direct marketing communications.

Mom of two beautiful princesses (Cristina and Emilia), Claudia will drool when talking about her children, and there is nothing she likes better in this world than when they tell her a story (in their own version, of course ). Frozen, Maleficent, Rapunzel … she’s heard about all of them!

Flirty, impatient and multitasking (in her own words), she hates being late, but, especially, she hates  when she doesn’t find the keys in her purse. That’s why her key chains and bags get bigger and bigger.