Armando Andrade

Armando Andrade


Armando Andrade is the President of Studio A in Peru. For over 30 years, he has been developing strategies for the most important brands in this country. He worked as Communication Consultant for the Ministry of Defence, and external consultant of Roberto Dagnino, while he was Prime Minister during the government of President Alejandro Toledo, being the intellectual co-author of many initiatives such as Pro-Investment and National Agreement.

Furthermore, Armando was part of the overall strategy committee for one of the largest advertising networks in the world: D’Arcy, formerly acquired by Publicis group.

Additionally, he has been director of IPAE, founding member of the only independent international network of design “International Design Partnership”, member of the “International Creators Association”, Director of the Board of the Museum of Art of Lima (MALI) and, member of the Acquisitions Committee of Latin American Art at MoMA- the Museum of Modern Art.

Armando is in love with Peruvian culture and contemporary art, plus an inveterate collector of any artistic expression that conveys a posture and vision to life. In fact, he never misses an opportunity to talk about the benefits of our country: “In 196 countries worldwide, 10 are ancient and one of those is Peru” – he always says, something that he couldn’t be prouder of.

Passionate, tireless and lively, he loves hugging his children, riding a good Peruvian Paso horse, and, of course, he admires his wife’s blue eyes … that’s a real piece of art.