Wine of Sands. Who follows it, gets it. A wine with a Hollywood story.

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Bernardo Roca Rey is one of the most influential personalities in Peru, and the brilliant mind behind Mistura, the largest gastronomic event of Latin America.

Being a passionate expert of good food and drink, he was concentrated in achieving one of his most exquisite dreams: a personal project, which after intense research, took him to revive an old grape. Following his passion, guided by his instinct and with luck on his side, he selected a desert land in Paracas, where he was convinced that he would find an underground stream that would help him develop a vineyard where he could harvest this historic grape, lost in time. And so it was.

The objective of this project was to create the identity, brand architecture and label for this exquisite wine, the result of a passionate dreamer, sometimes called crazy. In the design process it became clear that the personality of the creator was as important as the magic of his wine; so the result was an iconic and simple typography design, in which the creator's name became the "Denomination of Origin" of the product (BernarD.O.), reinventing the classic codes of the global wine industry.