Room 21. Having sex is easy. What is hard is to talk about it!

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Belcorp, a leading cosmetics and beauty products company, contacted us to conceptualize and create the brand territory for an innovative product line of sexual wellness products.

The challenge was to launch a product line stimulating & trustworthy enough to help consumers in their quest to gain a fulfilling sex life, a category that is very limited and relatively unknown in the continent.

We developed the design of an organic and expressive brand, based on multi-sensory experiences, where the graphic elements used evoke an elegant world of sensuality and passion; giving it a unique and differential territory, without falling into clichés.

We created an open system where a dynamic logo comes to life supported by attractive illustrations that, along with the design of multiple watercolors; stimulate consumers, guiding them on the path to a fulfilling sexual life.
Room21, everything else is up to you.