Qaray. Designing between stoves.

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The Peruvian Society of Gastronomy (APEGA) holds the International Gastronomic Meeting in Mistura annually. It is a premium event where you can share and discover the secrets of Peruvian, Latin American and world cuisine. In order to highlight this event and bring it to its full potential, in 2014 it was decided that the meeting needed a new name. A name worthy of an event that has all the ingredients to become the culinary center of the entire continent.

Inspired by the participants of this meeting, chefs who share ideas, techniques and experiences, we created the name Qaray, using the Quechua word meaning "to feed, share, serve". Also, we created a visual identity based on the creative process that a chef goes through: pencil sketches and illustrations that later become a great idea to finally be transformed into a unique recipe, creating an attractive and distinctive visual universe. Qaray, truly tasteful identity.