Peruvian Paso Horse. A gait with a lot of history.

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Every year, the A.N.C.P.C.P.P. (National Association of Breeders and Owners of Peruvian Paso Horses) organizes the National Competition at Hacienda Mamacona, at the base of the ancient archaeological complex of Pachacamac. This contest is established as a world-renowned event that brings together the best horses, riders and Paso Horse herds from all around Peru.

This year, for its 69th edition, we developed the editorial design of its communications, creating an identity based on the heritage and cultural legacy inherent to the world of Peruvian Paso horses: textiles, music, folklore and cuisine. In order to do this, we reinterpreted the classic world of bullfighting imagery (18th and 19th century), and developed a unique piece of art that combines the elegance of the typical illustrations of Bonnaffé, along with the strong presence, power and character of a contemporary typography.

Past and present, for a horse with a great future.