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Around 50 years of a track record of commitment with its customers, employees and communities, ICCGSA requested us to update its identity, through a language that conveys its proximity, expertise and compliance with the country, consolidating its presence and prestige in many civil engineering fields.

Thus, under the idea of ​​"build the future on solid foundations”, and paving the way for its diversification and growth plans, the new image of ICCGSA reflects its strength and looks toward the future with new and great challenges, reaffirming its dedication to each project to continue building long-term relationships with all its stakeholders.

After extensive research of the brand, we decided to start from the shape of its former isotype to design the new identity, creating a new visual universe based on the simplicity and power of the triangle, but adding a whole new world of colors that projects the future they want to build, and also separates them from the competition, in terms of chromatic level and shapes.

The ICCGSA new identity has been developed based on grays and yellows, which create a false sense of gradient, reflecting more dynamism and fluidity. Respecting the typeface, we chose the Gotham font, a sans serif created in 2000, inspired by architectural forms, to provide it with such strength that the new brand required.