Alacena. Picantes Selectos. Flavors with character.

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Following the successful launch of TarĂ­ in 2012, Alicorp decided to expand its portfolio of hot sauces under Alacena's brand expertise.

The challenge was to develop a visual territory where peruvian and home-style cooking would live together, the latter being the brand promise, already recognized in entire product line of Alacena sauces.

As a result, we developed a line of spicy sauces, that maintained the key elements of Alacena, but incorporated new equitites that aimed to convey the mysticism behind the two new sub-brands developed: Uchucuta and Sanka.

We were able to provede a unique personality to each of the sauces through the use of a custombrist typography inspired by the titles of the chronicles of Huaman Poma de Ayala, stories that transport the consumer to the town where the recipe is inspired, and a frame-design that combines both our heritage and our culture.

Alacena, the good taste of home.